Grenada Hotel And Tourism Association Celebrates Grenada’s 50th Independence Golden Jubilee 

PR – The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) is thrilled to join the  tri-island nation of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in celebrating its 50th Independence  Golden Jubilee. This momentous occasion marks half a century of independence, resilience, and  progress for the beautiful island nation of Grenada. 

Grenada gained its independence from British colonial rule on February 7, 1974, and since then,  the country has flourished in every aspect. As the official voice of the hotel and tourism sector in  Grenada, the GHTA is proud to contribute to the nation’s growth and development over the past  six decades. 

Grenada has become renowned worldwide for its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant  culture. The GHTA recognizes the invaluable role played by the tourism industry in showcasing  Grenada’s natural beauty and cultural heritage to visitors from around the globe. As we celebrate  Grenada’s 50th Independence Golden Jubilee, we take this opportunity to reflect on the  remarkable achievements of the tourism sector and its positive impact on the nation’s economy  and livelihoods. 

The GHTA, along with its member hotels, tour operators and other tourism-related businesses, has  been dedicated to providing world-class hospitality and memorable experiences for visitors and  Grenadians alike. Our commitment to sustainable tourism practices, community engagement,  training and development as well as the preservation of Grenada’s rich cultural heritage has been  unwavering. 

As the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to the  people of Grenada on its 50th Independence Golden Jubilee. Let us join hands and celebrate this  remarkable milestone, showcasing Grenada’s unique charm, and welcoming visitors to our  beautiful island nation. Tourism is everyone’s business and together, we look forward to a future  of continued growth and prosperity for Grenada while leaving a positive legacy for generations to  come.