Grenada Hosts The Inaugural Dive & Conservation Festival

PR – Grenada is hosting the inaugural Dive and Conservation Festival, which will take place between May 17-23 2022. This festival will highlight some of Grenada’s many conservation efforts over a course of 7 days where attendees will have the opportunity to learn about Grenada’s artificial and coral reef projects, participate in bird and turtle watching and lionfish hunting, volunteer for a beach clean-up session and engage with stakeholders during the ‘Conservation Conversations’ which are open to the public daily.

The Honourable Clarice Modeste-Curwen,  Minister for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Climate resilience and the Environment stated, “Our islands are a diver’s dream, with diverse marine life, resplendent reefs, impressive wreck sites, and the World’s first Underwater Sculpture Park. However, to maintain this marine paradise, we must recognize the impact of our actions on our environment and do our part to conserve our natural resources.” She continued, “The GTA has recognized that sustainability is at the core of all our activity and indeed we have identified that maintaining our blue spaces and marine life is a pillar of what brand Grenada represents.”

Participants interested in the Dive and Conservation festival can expect to immerse themselves in informative sessions and workshops led by local, regional and international environmental and conservation experts. Topics will range from biodiversity and ecosystems to environmental education and research which will aid in building awareness, advocacy and capacity.