Grenada Government Deeply Concerned About Incident Involving Boat Crew And Coast Guard In Trinidad And Tobago

PR – The Government of Grenada is deeply concerned about the  incident involving an altercation between a Grenadian crew aboard a cargo vessel and  members of the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard. 

Having been made aware of the incident, the Consular and Trade Office in Trinidad  immediately dispatched a letter to the Coast Guard, seeking information on the incident. 

Government has also obtained reports from crew members on the vessel, which it has  shared with the Coast Guard. 

Government is yet to receive a response to the letter dated March 3, 2022. However, the  Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the Trinidad based Consular and Trade Office, will  maintain contact with the crew and continue its outreach efforts to the Coast Guard. 

It has since been announced that the Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard is conducting an  investigation into the incident.  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will continue to monitor the situation.