Grenada Football Association Announces 18-Man Squad For Concacaf Boys U15 Championship 

PR  – The Grenada Football Association (GFA) has released its 18-man  squad for the upcoming Concacaf Boys U15 Championship from August 6-13. The team is set to  depart on Saturday August 5th, at 12:30 pm for Curacao, where they will compete in League B,  Group E against Nicaragua, Suriname, and Martinique at the the Jean Francisca Stadium in  Willemstad. Tournament matches will also take place in the Dominican Republic. 

Head Coach Ali Debellotte expressed his satisfaction with the squad’s progress during their  training period, which began in October of last year. He noted, “The players have shown  significant improvement since their last competition at the U14 level. We have played three  practice matches so far, securing victories in all three encounters. I am optimistic about our  prospects, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support in  keeping the players focused and committed to their training.” 

Additionally, GFA President Marlon Glean, General Secretary Carl Lee and the coaching staff met  with parents of the U15 squad debreifing them on the tournament, expectations and answering  any questions or concerns parent had. This meeting took place at the GFA Conference room on  Thursday.

The following is the list of players for the squad:

Player Name  Club  Home Address  Position
Tyrese Peters  Mt. Rich Sports Club  Mt. Rich, St. Patrick  Defender
Divonte Felix  St. Andrews Football League  Paradise, St. Andrew  Defender
Kelroy Peters  Eagles Super Strikers  La Poterie, St. Andrew  Defender
Joshua Telesford  Just Sports Academy  Mt. Parnassus, St. George  Defender
Ethan Auguste  GBSS Sports Club  Woodlands, St. George  Defender
Aundre Stanisclaus  GBSS Sports Club  Woburn, St. George  Defender
Aiden Frederick  FC Camerhogne  St. Pauls, St. George  Midfielder
Josh Thomas  GBSS Sports Club  Hillsborough, Carriacou  Midfielder
Taneil Morain  Just Sports Academy  Vincennes, St. David  Midfielder
Cristan Nickolas  Queens Park Rangers FC  Boca, St. George  Midfielder
Orion Peters  Hurricane SC  Duquesne, St. Mark  Midfielder
Izion Frazer  St. John’s Sports  Douglaston, St. John  Striker
Delron John  Paradise FC International  Dunfermline, St. Andrew  Striker
Raheem Raeburn  Eagles Super Strikers  Mt. Craven, St. Patrick  Striker
Jahym Fletcher  Just Sports Academy  Thebaide, St. David  Striker
Kemlon Langdon  Just Sports Academy  Apres Toute, St. David  Striker
Corey Jones  GBSS Sports Club  Beausejour, Carriacou  Goalkeeper
Neon Smart  St. Andrews Football League  Harford Village, St. Andrew  Goalkeeper

This year’s Concacaf U15 Tournament, now in its fourth edition, will witness the participation of  39 Concacaf nations. The tournament format consists of three Leagues: A, B, and C. The initial  stage involves group play, followed by a knockout stage, adding to the excitement and  competitiveness of the games. The distribution of participating teams into the respective leagues  was based on the Concacaf Men’s Under-17 ranking as of February 2023, with sub-divisions into  groups. 

The GFA extends best wishes to the team and coaching staff as they embark on this significant  journey to Curacao and we have full faith in their abilities to represent the nation with skill and  sportsmanship on the international stage.