Grenada Fields 20 Man Squad for the CFU U14 Boys Challenge Series 

PR – The National U14 Boys team will leave the island on Thursday  afternoon (August 11) for the Dominican Republic to participate in the Caribbean Football  Union’s (CFU) U-14 Challenge Series. 25 of 31 CFU Member Associations are competing in the  tournament scheduled for August 11-22, 2022. 

The Challenge Series serves as an introduction to international competition while allowing youth  players to work on their overall game and deportment. It is also a developmental competition,  allowing Caribbean match officials and referees the chance to learn and improve with a view to  earning other appointments within the CFU, Concacaf and further. 

The youth competition is usually held in alternate years for girls and boys. Last year, in a re emergence after Covid-19 disruptions, both competitions were held simultaneously. It was the  first time, Grenada fielded a team in the girls category. 

This year there are two tiers of competition with Grenada in Tier II, group 3 along with the  Cayman Islands, Martinique and St. Lucia. Groups 1-3 in Tier II will play three matches in the  group phases while Group 4 will play four matches. The top teams will advance to the Cross  Group Playoffs, with the top four reaching the semifinals and the last two playing for the  championship.  

Earlier this year, a nationwide selection process was held by the Grenada Football Association  (GFA) including Carriacou to provide all youth players with an equal opportunity to show their  talent and secure a space on the team. The team started off training with over 40 players which  has now been cut to 20 for the final squad. GFA Fitness and Performance Coach Claudio Altieri  who has been working closely with the team for the past few weeks to improve players’ fitness  ahead of the tournament said, “It has been a mix of enjoyment, discipline and hard working  sessions, therefore, we are more than ready to represent Grenada at the upcoming matches. “

President of the GFA Marlon Glean wished the team well saying, “We are very optimistic about  the future of football after seeing how far these youth players have come.” 

The following is the final squad and coaching staff for the tournament.

Raheem  Raeburn  Northstars Sports Club, St. Patrick  Striker
Izon  Frazer  St. John’s Sports Club, St. John  Striker
Delron  John  St. Andrew’s Football League, St. Andrew  Striker
Taniel  Morain  Just Sports Club, St. George  Midfielder 
Kemlon  Langdon  Just Sports Club, St. George  Midfielder 
Josh  Thomas  Unattached  Midfielder 
Aiden  Bubb  Just Sports Club, St. George  Defender
Aiden  Frederick  FC Camerhogne, St. George  Defender
Rasheed  George  St. Andrew’s Football League, St. Andrew  Midfielder
Kelroy  Peters  Hard Rock FC, St. Patrick  Defender
Tyrese  Peters  Mt. Rich FC, St. Patrick  Defender
Divont��́  Felix  St. Andrew’s Football League, St. Andrew  Defender
Jahym  Fletcher  Just Sports Club, St. George  Striker
Orion  Peters  Hurricane Sports Club, St. Mark  Midfielder 
Khade  Francis  St. David’s FC, St. David  Midfielder 
Khayden  Mc Queen  FC Camerhogne, St. George  Midfielder 
Ethan  Auguste  Just Sports Club, St. George  Defender
Joshua  Telesford  Just Sports Club, St. George  Defender
Neon  Smart  St. Andrew’s Football League, St. Andrew  Goalkeeper
Tayden  Bernadine  Unattached  Goalkeeper

Lonne  Alexis  Manager
Tyron  John  Head Coach
Franklyn  Baptiste  Assistant Coach
Gary  James  Trainer/Equipment Manager
Shemel  Louison  Goalkeeper Coach
Claudio  Altieri 

Performance/Fitness Coach