Grenada Expects 65 Cruise Calls In The New Season

PR  – The Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA) is pleased to announce today that Grenada can expect sixty five cruise calls in the upcoming cruise season. The first cruise ship is expected to enter our shores on November 09th, 2021 at a time when travel to the Caribbean holds the most appeal to both the US and European markets due to the warm weather and the multitude of excursion options available on island. 

The tourism authority has been making preparatory steps for the re-entry of cruise ships by embarking on a series of conversations with tourism stakeholders of all sectors to allow for open dialogue and clear messaging on the way forward. GTA has also supported and facilitated workshops and training sessions specifically targeting health and safety measures and service excellence. These initiatives were all part of an overall strategy to put Grenada on the path to readiness.

All passengers disembarking from the visiting cruise ships will be 100 percent vaccinated, except children below the age of 14, and will have to comply with the extremely thorough and rigorous protocols that have been put in place. Bubbled tours have been implemented to secure the safety of all which entails fully vaccinated frontline teams, wearing of masks, deep and consistent sanitization, social distancing and the ability to contact trace.

The positive impacts of the return of cruise ships to Grenada’s ports of call will be felt throughout the island, giving a much needed boost to the taxi and transportation sector, tour operators, local craft vendors, artisans and restaurants. The far reaching impacts of this revitalization will also aid in the sustainability of agriculture.

It has been by no means an easy task to get to this point but we subscribe to the mantra that there are no shortcuts and have therefore worked closely and responsibly with our CMO to the development and implementation of a framework of protocols for the safe resumption of cruise. We commit to remaining diligent in ensuring that these protocols are adhered to.” said Petra Roach, CEO, Grenada Tourism Authority. 

Please be reminded that all cruise call schedule changes will be shared with our stakeholders once received from the cruise ships, port agents and tour operators.  We are all focused on a safe, exciting and sustainable recovery.