Grenada Celebrates 50 Years of Independence with Up From Here Concert

PR – In a dazzling tribute to 50 years of independence, Grenada is set to host Up From Here, a groundbreaking concert that will showcase the island’s history, rich musical heritage and artistic prowess. Scheduled for Friday, February 2nd at the National Cricket Stadium, this event promises to be a landmark in Grenada’s cultural calendar, celebrating half a century of independence through an unforgettable night of music and performance.

A Night of Grenadian Talent and Pride:

Up From Here is not just a concert; it’s a journey through Grenada’s history, seen through the lens of music and artistic expression. The event will feature an exclusively local cast of Grenadian performers, both from the island and the diaspora, highlighting the incredible talent that Grenada has produced over the years. The lineup includes an array of live bands, solo artists, dancers, actors, musicians and more, all coming together to commemorate this significant milestone.

Free for All in Celebration of Independence:

In a gesture to embrace the entire Grenadian community, entry to the Up From Here concert will be free of charge. This concert is a gift to the nation. It is for us and by us. It’s a celebration of our journey, our achievements, and our vibrant culture,” said Orland Romain, Ambassador for the Creative Economy and Creative Director, National Organizing Committee, Grenada’s 50TH Anniversary of Independence. “We want every Grenadian to be a part of this historic event.”

Event Details:

  • Date: Friday, February 2
  • Venue: National Cricket Stadium, Grenada
  • Gates Open: 7 PM
  • Showtime: 8 PM

An Unprecedented Showcase of Grenadian Culture:

The concert will not only feature musical performances but also highlight Grenada’s progression throughout history. It is a showcase of how far the nation has come and a nod to the future that lies ahead. The event is expected to attract a large audience, including locals and visitors, all gathered to honour the spirit of Grenada.

A Call to All Grenadians:

The organizing committee extends an invitation to all Grenadians to join in this grand celebration. “It’s a time to come together, to remember our past, celebrate our present, and look forward to our future. It’s a time to say, ‘We are proud to be Grenadian,'” stated Shrivon Redhead, Project Manager, Up From Here – The Concert. 

For more information about Up From Here and ongoing updates about the event, please contact Zoe Hagley, Media Manager, Grenada Turns 50,

About Grenada’s Independence:

Grenada gained independence on February 7, 1974. Since then, the nation has celebrated its independence with various cultural and national events, making this 50th anniversary a particularly special occasion.