Grenada Blooms- A Dramatic Tribute Presentation

PR –  As part of its Public Education Series, the GrenadaCreditUnions brand makes available to the public, a dramatization of  the National Anthem  entitled ‘Grenada Blooms’. The production specifically targets young Grenadians but is valuable for all citizens.

The production is a practical interpretation of the National Anthem’s lyrics. It is designed to expose the very soul of Grenada such that the Grenadian spirit comes alive, in full bloom, as we embrace fifty years of Independence. Two(2) leading young characters, engage in an educated conversation;  asking questions of each other, receiving answers and provocatively test each other’s knowledge

The story begins with a brief account of our journey from colony to independent state. The lyrics of the Anthem are then explored line by line and the production ends with a lusty singing of the National Anthem.. 

The play was written by Mr William Joseph , directed and produced by Creative Arts Theatre.

Grenada Blooms premiered on local television stations on February 3, 2023. The production has been supplied to the Ministry of Education’s PR unit for distribution to schools in Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. It is available on the Youtube channel of the Grenada Co-operative League Ltd.