Grenada Appoints New Solicitor General

PR – The Ministry of Legal Affairs, Labour and Consumer Affairs  announces the appointment of Mrs. Chevaughn Spencer-Joseph as Solicitor General.  

Mrs. Spencer-Joseph brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the post of Solicitor  General, exhibiting a demonstrable ability to adjust and adapt to various duties and  functions within the public service with a high level of competence and professionalism.  

“We are confident in Mrs. Spencer-Joseph’s ability to continue to execute her duties to  the highest standard, and we look forward to her continuing to provide service to the  Government and people of Grenada in her new post as Solicitor General,” Attorney  General and Minister for Legal Affairs, Sen. the Hon. Claudette Joseph, said. 

In her capacity as Solicitor General, Mrs. Spencer-Joseph will oversee the work of  Government’s litigation concerning all matters in court, inclusive of domestic and  international civil suits against the Government of Grenada as well as negotiations on  behalf of the Government. 

Mrs. Spencer-Joseph has over 19 years’ experience as an Attorney-at-Law since her  admission to the Bar in 2003 in Trinidad and Tobago. She has also been admitted to  practice in Grenada since 2007. 

Mrs. Spencer-Joseph’s general practice areas encompass both private and public law  practice. She possesses experience in civil litigation, land law, contract law, company  law, employment law, personal injuries and tort. Her professional portfolio includes work  as a Senior Crown Counsel at the Attorney General’s Chambers from 2013 to 2020,  where she dealt with matters including civil litigation, commercial law, land law and civil  asset recovery. Mrs. Spencer-Joseph also had the benefit of serving on the Board of  Directors of several government departments during her tenure as Senior Crown  Counsel. She gained further experience in the area of asset recovery having been  attached to the Financial Intelligence Unit from 2020 to 2022, where she led the legal  portfolio at the Asset Recovery Unit, in anti-money laundering, combating terrorist  financing principles and asset recovery tools emanating from the proceeds of crime. 

Mrs. Spencer-Joseph holds a Master of Laws degree, with merit, in International Business  Law from the University of Liverpool, a Legal Education Certificate from Hugh Wooding  Law School and a Bachelor of Laws degree from The University of the West Indies, Cave  Hill Campus.  

Prior to joining the Attorney General’s Chambers as Senior Crown Counsel, she gained  experience in private practice in both Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago.  

Mrs. Spencer-Joseph’s appointment as Solicitor General took effect from September 5,  2022.  

The Government of Grenada thanks her predecessor, Mrs. Karen Reid-Ballantyne who  served for over one year as Solicitor General.