Grenada And The United Nations Sign New Five-Year Regional Cooperation Framework  

PR – The Government of Grenada today joined the British  Virgin Islands, Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Lucia to become a signatory to a new United  Nations Multi-country Sustainable Development Framework (MSDCF) for the Caribbean for the years  2022 to 2026. 

The Framework, which will align with individual Country Implementation Plans, will govern UN  collaboration in the region for the next five years, to support countries to recover and rebuild from  the COVID-19 pandemic, climate shocks and other vulnerabilities in a sustainable way, that leaves no  one behind. 

The new cooperation framework was signed by Dr. The Rt. Hon Keith Mitchell, Prime Minister of  Grenada and Didier Trebucq, UN Resident Coordinator during a hybrid ceremony between UN House in Barbados and Grenada’s Cabinet Office, via zoom. 

Mr. Trebucq was joined by several members of the UN Sub-regional Team in commending the  Government of Grenada for its substantive contribution to the Cooperation Framework and for its  strengthened partnership with the UN Sub-regional Team. 

In delivering opening remarks, Mr. Trebucq stated that “the MSDCF represents the beginning of a  new era of cooperation for the UN and the Caribbean” in terms of reflecting the challenges and  priorities of the Region and its approach to implementing initiatives to address same.  

The Resident Coordinator, further, reaffirmed the committed support of the UN to the Government  of Grenada in “charting the course to ensure that the process to achieve national priorities is  consultative, engages all facets of society and facilitates removal of all barriers”. 

Prime Minister Mitchell, while acknowledging the support of the UN agencies over the years, referred to their reassuring presence and contributions relevant to the socio-economic impact of COVID-19,  conveyed his pledge of support “to work collaboratively with the UN in the implementation of Multi country Sustainable Development Cooperation Framework (MSDCF) 2022-2026 [and other ensuing  implementation plans].” 

Members of the UN sub-regional team from UNDP, UN Women, FAO, UNOPS, WFP, UNESCO, UNICEF,  and UNEP also participated in the signing ceremony, and offered congratulations to the Government,  while giving assurances of their continued support. 

The MSDCF identifies four key priorities for achieving resilient sustainable development in the  region: increased support to the economic resilience agenda; intensified efforts to ensure realization  of human rights for all; strong commitment to enhancing inclusive disaster risk reduction and climate  change adaptation; and scaled up support to ensure that Caribbean societies remain peaceful and just  societies.