Green Globe Platinum Status Awarded To Blue Horizons Garden Resort, Grenada

PR – Blue Horizons Garden Resort, Grenada is awarded Platinum Status after 10  consecutive years of recertification with Green Globe ( 

Rooted in Grenadian hospitality for 45 years, Blue Horizons Garden Resort is owned and operated by two generations of a Grenadian family. With only 32 guestrooms, it is the first establishment in Grenada as well as  the OECS and 6th in the Caribbean region to be awarded with this prestigious Green Globe accolade. 

The Journey to Sustainability 

The journey to sustainability began in 2003 with the resort’s involvement with a property assessment by representatives from the Caribbean Hotel Environmental Management Initiative (CHEMI), PA Consultants and  Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism (CAST). An EMS plan for monitoring, recording and action plans  was implemented in 2004. By 2005, it was the first property in Grenada to be benchmarked.  

On February 18th, 2010, Blue Horizons received the prestigious Green Globe certification. The property has  sustained key practices in its daily operations.  

On April 16, 2011, the resort received a comprehensive Energy Audit Report by the Caribbean Hotel Energy  Efficiency Action. The audit revealed that as a small Caribbean hotel, results were below the benchmark figure  for the region. Areas for improvement were Air Conditioning units (64%) and Lights (9%). A ‘Blue is Green’ program established in March 2014 was developed to enhance sustainable initiatives that follow a ‘Small Efforts  Big Impact’ program. In December 2016, the property was awarded Green Globe GOLD Status and on  September 27th 2023, Green Globe PLATINUM status was recognized

Sustainable Stewardship 

Preserving the future of Tourism for generations to come starts today. The power of working together as an  industry is our strength and mitigating our carbon footprint is a priority. There is no denying the current and  anticipated impacts on climate change.  

It is the resort’s hope that through our current practices and future projects, we will play a significant role in  taking care of the natural environment including educating our staff and guests to ensure that they make a  difference however small.  

Notable small efforts, big impact initiatives implemented in a phased approach:  

– Energy reduction program incorporating renewable energy resources: 35 kWh photovoltaic system, solar water heaters, energy efficient appliances, 100% LED lighting, solar street lights and solar  buildings light (implementation of light reduction policy from 11pm). 

– Water reduction program: rainwater harvesting, indigenous plants, rainwater used for irrigation, low flow toilets, towels & linen reuse, several storage water tanks. 

– Waste reduction: online pre-registration paperless check in, laundry bags made out of old sheets, no  Styrofoam, composting. 

– Health & Safety: Environmentally friendly cleaning products, color coded cleaning cloths, saltwater  system in swimming pool, HAACP standards followed. 

– Tree Planting program (since March 2014): creating green spaces and carbon sinks, 15,000 plus new  indigenous plants, technique of garden bed edging, drainage and flooding solutions.  – Bee apiary- established bee apiary in 2019 with over 18 hives and honey production. – Community outreach and employee training programs. 

– Employ 100% local staff. 

– Purchasing policy to support local farmers and local creative industry. 

– Herb and vegetable garden, fruit trees on property. Support local ingredients in menu planning. The Resort and its Sustainable Position 

Blue Horizons Garden Resort offers 32 self-catering rooms and sits on a sloping hillside 300 yards across the  road from Grand Anse Beach on the south west coast of Grenada. The resort is spread across 6 ¼ acres of  garden and grounds and is a sanctuary for 27 species of birds, 49 species of moths and a thriving bee apiary.  

Travelers seek a safe haven with a focus on wellness and cultural immersion. Living healthier lifestyles, seeking  adventure with a greater interest to give back to the communities in which they vacation. Niche markets for  travelers who want more than sun, sea and sand expand our opportunities. 

The Tourism industry is ever evolving and constantly calls on us to be forward thinking. As it grows, we must  take in to consideration the decisions made today and its effects in the future. Thinking sustainable preserves  the generations of tomorrow. The environment must play a considerable role in the growth and development  of the Caribbean Tourism product. 

“To pursue sustainability is to understand its environmental, social, economic and human impacts. As a local  stakeholder, our journey continues with several eco-conscious initiatives, use of technology and lifestyle  changes guided by our ‘small efforts, big impact’ mantra. We are committed to our green journey by  operating as a sustainable, resource conserving, and low carbon resort. Our efforts can be seen in both energy  and water savings. Preserving our way of life by making the necessary adjustments needed is of paramount  importance.” Arnold D. Hopkin, Owner/ Managing Director