GPWU Tribute To Grenadian Nurses

PR – Grenada Public WorkersUnion (GPWU) is brimming with pride and eagerness to wish our amazing cohort of nurses, HAPPY INTERNATIONAL NURSES DAY!

Even in the midst of severe professional challenges such as unsecured tenure, understaffing, lack of tools and basic provisions, our nurses continue to demonstrate to this entire nation, their dedication to their vocation. The COVID pandemic, while widely considered a burdensome societal ill, has become a prism by which the tremendous value of the nursing fraternity to our people can be ascertained. Grenadas continued success in fighting the pandemic, is largely due to the unstinting efforts of our amazing nursing fraternity.

As we seize the opportunity to celebrate this noble profession and the outstanding contribution of nurses to our nation, the Grenada Public WorkersUnion would be derelict in its duty, if we fail to underscore the woeful mistreatment and rampant disregard shown to our nurses, by successive governments and in particular, the government of the day.

The GPWU anticipates that on this auspicious occasion, the Government will deliver platitudes and niceties to our nurses in a bid to pacify them, particularly in this period but we say however, FLOWERY WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH!

The GPWU calls on the Administration to deliver actions! To immediately regularize our nurses for job security and social security. To provide greater Fringe Benefits and implement a national plan to retain and empower our nurses, thereby minimizing brain drain for the good of our beloved country

The leadership of the GPWU commits to advocating for improved working conditions for our nurses and prays for Gods continued guidance and blessings on them, as together we traverse a period of global uncertainty, with hope and optimism for the future