Gov’t To Meet With Poultry Industry Stakeholders To Discuss Impact Of Caribbean Agro Price Increases

PR – The Cabinet Sub-Committee appointed to work in collaboration with the Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Consumer Affairs, on the impact of the price increases announced by Caribbean Agro Industries,  will engage with stakeholders in the Poultry Industry as the next step. 

This follows a meeting this week among sub-committee members and ministry officials to discuss the issue. 

Government has reiterated its concern about Caribbean Agro’s decision to increase  prices during the COVID-19 pandemic. The concern is specifically based on the  additional hardship the increases can cause for Grenadians at a time when many are  without jobs, as well as the potential impact on the development of the poultry industry. 

In addition to the plans to meet with poultry industry stakeholders, Government is also  reviewing the monopoly agreement with Caribbean Agro.