Government Welcomes New Appointments To The Public Service Commission 

PR –  The Government of Grenada is pleased to announce the  appointment of a new Chairman and Members of the Public Service Commission, in accordance with Section 83 (1) of the Grenada Constitution Order 1973. 

The following appointments by the Governor-General, H. E. Dame Cécile La Grenade, acting  on the recommendation of the Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, take effect from today,  November 22, 2022, for a period of three (3) years: 

Mrs. Deborah St. Bernard, Chairman 

Mr. Bernard Antoine, Member 

Ms. Faye I. Thompson, Member 

Mr. James Alexander, Member 

Ms. Judy Benoit, Member 

Newly appointed Chairman, Ms. Deborah St. Bernard brings extensive experience to the  position, having previously served as a Member of the Public Service Commission. Moreover,  Ms. St. Bernard held numerous appointments as a Director on Boards and is currently the  President of the Grenada Building & Loan Association. 

Ms. St. Bernard joined the Public Service in 1978 and served in various positions inclusive of  the Ministry of Finance and the Attorney General’s Chambers before retiring in January 1999. She later joined the law firm of Lewis & Renwick in February 1999 and continues in private  practice. She possesses the following qualifications: Bachelor of Science in Economics and  Management Hons (1984) (UWI), Bachelor of Laws Hons (1993) (UWI); and the Hugh Wooding  Law School in Trinidad, Legal Education Certificate (1995). Additionally, Ms. St. Bernard is also  an Associate Accredited Director of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators of  Canada.

The newly appointed Members of the Commission contribute professional experience in a wide range of fields, including Human Resource Management and Development, Education,  Healthcare, Leadership, Law, and Communications, among others. 

Prime Minister, Hon. Dickon Mitchell extends a warm welcome to the new Chairman and  Members, underscoring the importance of the Commission in uplifting the standards of the  Public Service, upholding conduct, as well as leading the Service to realise transformational  outcomes and services for Grenadians, while protecting and elevating the values of integrity,  fairness, justice, merit, and conduct. 

Government conveys sincere appreciation to the outgoing Chair, Mrs. Beryl Isaac, and  Members, Mr. Prescott Swan; Ms. Greta Franklyn; Ms. Judy Benoit, and Mr. Delano Viechweg,  for their diligent and committed service to country.