Government Of Grenada Urges Calm In Neighbouring Saint Lucia

PR  The Government of Grenada notes with regret the recent spate of gang  violence in neighbouring Saint Lucia, which has resulted in unnecessary loss of life,  severe emotional distress to families and communities across the island, and a temporary disruption to schools in Vieux Fort. 

Prime Minister, Honourable Dickon Mitchell, in his capacity as Chairman of the Regional  Security System (RSS), responded favourably to a request from Saint Lucia’s Prime  Minister, Honourable Philip J. Pierre, for the RSS to support the Royal Police Force of  Saint Lucia. 

Personnel from the RSS are expected to arrive in Saint Lucia from this week. 

“The Caribbean region is proudly a zone of peace – a designation that we cannot take for  granted, especially given current global tensions,” Prime Minister Mitchell said. “Our  small, and often close-knit, communities have no place for this level of violence, which  threatens the lives and livelihoods of our citizens, and places our tourism-dependent  economies at risk. We call on all parties to work with the relevant authorities towards a  peaceful solution.” 

The Government of Grenada stands in solidarity with the law-abiding citizens of Saint  Lucia and urges all concerned to refrain from harmful retaliatory actions that seek to  unravel the peaceful nature of our societies. 

May God continue to bless the people of Saint Lucia.