Government Of Grenada Signs MOU With SUKU Technologies To Open New Innovative Avenues In ICT

PR – To advance digital literacy and enhance Information and Communication  Technology (ICT) skills among its civil servants, youth, and Micro, Small, And Medium  Enterprises (MSMEs), the Government of Grenada has signed a Memorandum of  Understanding (MOU) with Suku Technologies, a leading full-service IT solutions firm  based in Ghana.  

The MoU was signed by the Honourable Prime Minister Dickon Mitchell and the CEO of  Suku Technologies, Mr. Tsonam Akpeloo. 

The MOU establishes a framework for collaboration between the Government of Grenada  and Suku Technologies. The parties intend to develop a letter of intent that will bind the  parties to terms for a mutually beneficial business relationship. This relationship is centred  on implementing capacity-building initiatives in ICT for the betterment of Grenada’s civil  servants, youth, and MSMEs.

Under the MOU, the parties will explore collaborative opportunities through the potential  delivery of services by Suku Technologies. 

Additionally, the MoU provides for discussions that will explore the development of  educational resources, such as e-learning modules, workshops, and learning materials, to  facilitate continuous learning and skill development in ICT. 

Prime Minister Mitchell expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration by stating that “this  MOU with Suku Technologies represents a pivotal step towards realising our vision for a  digitally inclusive Grenada. By empowering our people with the necessary ICT skills, we  are paving the way for innovation and sustainable economic growth.” 

The CEO of Suku Technologies, Mr. Tsonam Akpeloo, remarked,” We are honoured to  collaborate with the Government of Grenada in this transformative initiative. Our expertise  in ICT capacity building aligns perfectly with Grenada’s objectives, and we are committed  to delivering impactful programmes that will elevate the nation’s digital competency.” 

Mr. Akpeloo indicated that this initiative is part of the company’s overall strategic vision,  which extends its services beyond the shores of Ghana. He is confident that this relationship  with Grenada will usher the company into a new era of collaboration with other Caribbean  nations, a region whose socio-economic character is like that of Ghana. 

The signing of this MOU marks the beginning of a promising journey towards digital  empowerment in Grenada. Both parties look forward to a fruitful collaboration that will  unlock new opportunities and foster a culture of technological innovation.