Government Of Grenada Embarks On Holistic Revamping Of Government Information Service (GIS)

PR  – The Ministry of Information is pleased to announce that the  Government Information Service (GIS) will soon begin a restructuring process to strengthen the delivery of news and information that matters most to citizens. 

Leading professional services firm, Ernst and Young, commonly known as EY, has been  contracted to lead the organisational restructuring and change management process,  ensuring that the GIS is positioned for long-term success. The EY team successfully  conducted the restructuring of the Jamaica Information Service (JIS). 

Government Advisor, Mr. Orlando Romain, said the goal of the initiative is to streamline  operations, make better use of resources and provide training, where necessary, to  maintain high standards of content creation and dissemination. 

“The new structure will allow the Government Information Service to better serve the  Grenadian public, by providing news and information in a holistic manner that seeks to  educate and engage.” 

Romain noted that the restructuring process will also include investing in innovative  technologies and tools to improve workflows and enhance the ability to gather, report,  and distribute news. 

“We are confident that these changes will result in a stronger and more effective GIS,” he added.  

Look out for more updates as the Government moves forward with the restructuring  process.