Government Information Service (GIS) Moves From Nightly News To Weekly News Wrap-Up

PR – In an effort to better serve viewers, the Government Information  Service (GIS) is excited to announce a change to its broadcasting schedule. Starting  this week, the nightly National Report will be replaced by a weekly news wrap-up that  seeks to provide a more comprehensive and in-depth look at the important news stories  of the week. 

“As a government news station, our goal is to provide viewers with accurate and reliable  information about the policies, initiatives, and events that are shaping the country,” said  Leslie Ann Johnson, GIS Director Ag. “This new format will allow our team to deliver  information in a more efficient and effective manner – through strategic programming  that features the latest updates, analysis, and expert commentary on the issues that  matter most to citizens.” 

The new GIS format will also feature special segments on inspiring individuals, cultural  events, and human-interest stories that inspire and engender pride in Grenada’s unique  heritage and culture. 

Join the GIS every Friday at 6:30 p.m. for the new weekly news wrap-up. We remain  committed to providing all citizens with the news and information needed to make  informed decisions. 

GIS – different focus, same mission.