Government Funds EC$60,000 To Nursing Students For UK Practicum 

PR – The Government of Grenada is providing  funding in the sum of EC$60,000 to support an initiative by St. George’s University that  allows Grenadian students pursuing their Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing to complete a nursing  practicum in the United Kingdom. 

The money was allocated to 10 students for flights, accommodation, and transportation during  their stay at Cardiff University in Wales, United Kingdom. 

The recipients, Shanna Caton, Jan Philbert, Deborah Charles, Marlene Edwards, Shinelle  Sylvester, Tyesha Barrington, Mya Phillip, Latonia Joseph, Oluwasemilore Abe, and Cardy  Henry are now in the UK for three weeks. 

This initiative, coordinated by SGU with Cardiff University, will expose them to clinical  orientation, supervision, teaching, and evaluation. The participating students, who are in their  third and fourth years at SGU, will gain global experience in nursing. 

This opportunity fulfils the students’ professional development, transition to practice, and  nursing practicum VII requirements. 

Speaking at the handover ceremony at the Ministerial Complex in Tanteen, St. George, on  June 4, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Elvis Morain, encouraged students  to represent themselves well so that future cohorts will be welcomed at Cardiff University. 

Sen. David Andrew, Minister for Education, congratulated the students and wished them  success. He stated that the cabinet responded quickly by deciding to fund the entire trip. “I want to put on record my greatest appreciation to our Prime Minister and Cabinet colleagues  for the shared vision of prioritising healthcare and their determination and willingness to  invest our resources in you,” said Sen. Andrew. 

“We anticipate that, in the not-too-distant future, you will graduate successfully and that you,  too, will contribute to the continued improvement in the healthcare sector here, in Grenada.”

The nursing students, most of whom also received scholarships for study at SGU, expressed  how appreciative they were for the government’s support and for SGU’s facilitation of such a  worthwhile engagement. 

St. Patrick resident Shinelle Sylvester said, “Receiving that additional scholarship to attend  Cardiff University at this student exchange programme is very profound, and I’m very  appreciative of what the government of Grenada has given us.” 

Sylvester, a year-three student who aspires to become an army nurse, said this opportunity  will be integral to her growth in the profession, as she gains additional experience and learns  from the UK healthcare system. 

Tyesha Barrington, a St. John resident who is in her third year of study, said this is her first  trip outside of Grenada. She is thankful and excited to experience a new environment and  enrich her capacity as a future nurse. Cardy Henry, a fourth-year nursing student from St.  Andrew who wants to be a forensic nurse, is currently on an SGU scholarship. 

She said, “This new sponsorship is going to mean a great deal to me, because it’s going to  give me the chance to broaden my horizons and my knowledge and to gain some cross-cultural  experience that I can now bring back to Grenada to help enhance our healthcare system.” 

A third-year nursing student from St. Patrick, Jan Philbert, is also looking forward to the  practicum. “I do feel good that I was chosen. So, I’m quite elated, especially given the  opportunity from the government,” Philbert said. “Definitely, I plan to give back to Grenada,  and with the improvements that the government plans to make, it’s even more encouraging. I  chose to do nursing. I have always had an interest in healthcare. I always had an interest in  looking after others.” 

Philbert also encourages young men who have an interest in healthcare to consider the nursing  profession because she thinks more males are needed there. Henry advises everyone to take  education seriously and believes it will bring the bright future that is expected. 

Other officials in attendance at the handover ceremony included the Permanent Secretary in  the Ministry of Health, Ronda Jones, who assisted with the presentation of the awards.