Government Committed To Facilitating Home-Ownership

PR – Hon. Andy Williams, Minister for  Mobilisation, Implementation and Transformation and Hon. Phillip Telesford, Minister for  Social and Community Development, Housing and Gender Affairs have returned from a  study tour conducted in the USA to inform of Government’s plans to invest in the  construction of 500 Grenadian-Styled Climate-Smart Homes. 

The study tour, which ran from February 20th to 24th, included visits to several factories  and housing developments, engagements with Engineers, Residential Developers, and IT Specialists, aimed at identifying innovative housing techniques that could be adopted in  Grenada to increase the housing stock of Grenadian-Styled Climate-Smart Homes. 

The execution of the study tour is indeed a strong demonstration that the Government of  Grenada is committed to facilitate access to housing and satisfy the housing demand for  priority groups, such as low-income earners and youth.