Google Doodle Celebrates T&T’s Independence

(TT GUARDIAN) – Today’s Google Doodle celebrates Trinidad & Tobago’s Independence Day.

“Depicted in today’s artwork, the Trinidad and Tobago national flag features a red field with a diagonal black stripe and white borders,” Google stated.

Today T&T celebrates 60 years since Union Jack was lowered and the T&T national flag was hoisted for the first time.

“After a series of islandwide strikes and riots led to universal adult suffrage in 1945, the British parliament passed the Trinidad and Tobago Independence Act of 1962. Dr. Eric Williams, widely considered the ‘Father of the Nation,’ became the country’s first prime minister and served until his death in 1981,” it stated.

“Trinidadians and Tobagonians commemorate the day with open-air concerts and family outings. The day’s ceremonies kick off with an official Independence Day parade in the country’s capital, Port of Spain. Spectators dress in national colours and gather at Queen’s Park Savannah, the oldest recreational ground in the West Indies, while musicians play Trinbagonian music. Later in the day, a massive firework display takes place at the Savannah,” Google stated.