GHTA Wins Caribbean Destination Resilience Award

PR — The Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association (GHTA) captured the Caribbean Destination Resilience Award at the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association Marketplace (CHTA) event in Puerto Rico.   GHTA was awarded the Caribbean Destination Resilience Award for their outstanding work managing the Covid-19 pandemic in collaboration with Grenada Tourism Authority (GTA).

This year, the CHTA marketplace is off to an amazing start, and Grenada is at the center of it. CEO of GHTA Arlene Friday, received the award on behalf of the hundreds of Grenadians who worked tirelessly during the pandemic to keep tourism alive. These collaborative public/ private efforts were critical and have now positioned the tourism industry on a path of growth.

Team GHTA was absolutely delighted by this news. GHTA CEO Arlene Friday said, “ This really isn’t our victory alone. The unwavering dedication shown by our stakeholders and volunteers during the Covid-19 pandemic was instrumental!” 

GHTA President Kendra Hopkin said, “All of your hard work made Grenada a model for other countries throughout the region in terms of managing the Covid-19 pandemic. Our efforts helped save lives and protect livelihoods, and we should all be as proud of ourselves.” 

GHTA is joined by the GTA and other key tourism stakeholders. Their goal is simple, promote the best of Grenada to the world and offer insightful ideas to rethink and transform tourism post-COVID-19. 

Arlene Friday said, “The devotion that you all showed to this industry and your fellow citizens is an inspiration for us. You ignite our passions for a new and improved tourism sector, not just for Grenada but the entire Caribbean.”

Kendra Hopkin added,  “This is just the beginning! Thank you to everyone who played a part in protecting our industry and Grenada as a whole. You are the heroes!”

This year’s CHTA Travel Marketplace runs from October 3-5th in Puerto Rico. It is an annual gathering of tourism stakeholders from across the region, joining together to network, market, and plan the future of the industry! It’s one of the most important tourism events of the year.  A chance for Hotel and Tourism Associations from the Caribbean to coordinate efforts to drive the industry forward.