GHTA CEO Arlene Friday Joins Prime Minister At Inter Caribbean Airways’ Inaugural ATR-42 Service Ceremony

PR – The Grenada Tourism Authority hosted a brief ceremony at the Maurice Bishop International Airport on Thursday, 16 March, to celebrate the launch of Inter Caribbean Airways’ inaugural ATR-42 service on the Grenada to Barbados Route.

The ceremony was attended by several distinguished guests, including the Prime Minister of Grenada, Hon. Dickon Mitchell, and a delegation of government officials, business leaders, and tourism community members.

Among the notable attendees was Arlene Friday, CEO of Grenada Hotel & Tourism, who joined the Prime Minister and other key stakeholders in welcoming Inter Caribbean Airways to Grenada.

The new service, which begins on Thursday, 16th March, with a total frequency of 11 services each week, is expected to promote travel and tourism in the Caribbean significantly.

“Today marks an important milestone in the rejuvenation of tourism in Grenada post the COVID-19 disruption,” said Arlene Friday. “The launch of Inter Caribbean Airways’ new service on the Grenada to Barbados Route will provide a valuable link between two of the Caribbean’s most popular destinations. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting new chapter.”

The day’s activities included a promotional trip to Barbados, where Prime Minister Mitchell led the official delegation. The trip was designed to highlight the many attractions and experiences that Grenada offers and showcase the island’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty.

As the CEO of the Grenada Hotel & Tourism Association, Arlene Friday is committed to promoting tourism’s development in Grenada and the wider Caribbean region. With the launch of inter Caribbean Airways’ new service, she is confident that Grenada will continue to grow as a leading destination for travelers worldwide.