GFA League Updates 

PR – Hurricanes SC’s emphatic 3-0 victory over Queen’s Park Rangers meant that the St.George’s  team’s time in the second spot was short lived. At Alston George Park on Saturday (September  2, 2023), Hurricanes SC commanded the match from start to finish with goals from Kriston  Julien, Shannon Phillip and Lemoy Augustine. Hurricanes SC is back in second place with 16  points from seven matches (five wins, one draw and one loss) while Queen’s Park Rangers is on  15 points with five wins and two losses. Paradise FC International who remains unbeaten at the  top of the table posted the biggest win of the season with a blistering 15-0 win against Happy  Hill FC on Sunday at Progress Park. 

Paradise FCI goal scorers: 

Cheisa Clyne- 15’, 25’,42, 45’, 60’,  

Simeon Mitchell-21’ 

Zade Douglas-29’ 

Acquil Lalite-47’ 

Rondell Mark-49’, 70’, 72’, 87’ 

Keston Williams-52’, 58’, 83’

Scores at a glance: 

Hurricanes SC 3-0 Queen’s Park Rangers 

Sab Spartans 4-3 St.John’s Sports 

Hard Rock 1-3 Mt.Rich SC 

Paradise FC International 15- 0 Happy Hill FC 

FC Camerhogne vs Sunsetters FC (defaulted) 

Upcoming fixtures: 

Sunsetters FC  Paradise FCI  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  Alston George Park
Queens Park Rangers  Hard Rock FC  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  Queens Park Ground 2
Happy Hill FC  Sab Spartans  10/09/2023  Sun  16:00  Beausejour 
St. John’s Sports  Hurricanes SC  10/09/2023  Sun  16:00  Cuthbert Peters Park
Mt. Rich SC  FC Camerhogne  10/09/2023  Sun  16:00  Fond

Conference League Division I 

Shamrock opened its Conference League division 1 season with a dominating 4-0 win over  St.David’s FC. Both teams were in the Conference Big 8 for the last tournament in the race for  promotion to the Premier League. Shamrock opened the scoring in the 3rd minute of play when  Luchano Charles found the back of the net. He quickly made it a brace when he converted in  the 21st minute. Delroy Phillip and Leon Thomas both chipped in with goals in the 52nd and 63rd minutes respectively.

Upcoming Fixtures: 

St.David’s FC  Fontenoy United  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  La Sagesse 
Eagles Super Strikers  Shamrock FC  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  Fond
RGPF  SAFL  10/09/2023  Sun  16:00  Queen’s Park Ground 2

Sandals National U15 Boys Tournament 

Upcoming Fixtures: 

League A: 

Combined Northerners  FC Camerhogne  09/09/2023  Sat  14:00  Queen’s Park
Honved  Belle Vue Rangers  09/09/2023  Sat  14:00  Morne Jaloux Playing Field
Paradise FCI  Eagles Super Strikers  09/09/2023  Sat  14:00  Progress Park
Queen’s Park Rangers  SAFL  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  Queen’s Park

League B:

Five Stars  St. John’s Sports  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  Victoria Park
Happy Hill FC  Sab Spartans  09/09/2023  Sat  15:00  Beausejour Playing Field 
RGPF Saint Forces  Hard Rock  09/09/2023  Sat  16:00  Morne Jaloux
Hurricanes SC  Mt. Rich SC  09/09/2023  Sat  15:00  Alston George Park

National U19 League: 

Results: August 30 &31 

Wednesday 30th August, 2023 

Group A: 

Paradise FCI 4-2 SAFL 

Group B: 

St. John’s Sports 3-3 Eagles Super Strikers 

Hurricanes SC 4-1 Mt. Rich SC 

Group C: 

Fontenoy United 4-1 Honved 

Thursday 31st August, 2023 

Group C: 

Queen’s Park Rangers 3-0 FC Camerhogne 

Upcoming Fixtures: 

Group A:

Belle Vue Rangers  Paradise FCI  06/09/2023  Wed  16:30  Belle Vue Playing Field 
Sab Spartans  St. David’s FC  07/09/2023  Thur  16:30  Victoria Park 

Group B: 

Mt. Rich SC  Eagles Super Strikers  06/09/2023  Wed  16:30  Fond
Hurricanes SC  Hard Rock  06/09/2023  Wed  16:30  Alston George Park

Group C: 

Combined Northerners  Carenage  06/09/2023  Wed  16:30  Queen’s Park
Fontenoy United  FC Camerhogne  07/09/2023  Thur  16:30  Beausejour
Queen’s Park Rangers  Honved  07/09/2023  Thur  16:30  Queen’s Park

Women’s Competitions 

There will no women’s football matches on Friday September 8 due to the Concacaf Nations  League match between Grenada and Suriname.