GFA Hosts Senior Men’s Camp Ahead Of Busy Calendar Year 

PR – The Senior Men’s National Team is currently participating in a training and  development camp in Southern Florida, USA. The Grenada contingent left the island  on Monday 24th January, 2022. The ten-day training camp is aimed at: 

  • Continuing to develop overall game model, player culture and establish  performance standards  
  • Evaluating domestically based and North American players within an  environment which mirrors the upcoming Concacaf Nations League requirements • Providing opportunities to younger players identified in the recent U20 pre  qualifiers 
  • Providing all players and staff with excellent competition which will  challenge them on numerous levels in the process of evaluating future talent and  selections 

During the camp Grenada will play two (2) exhibition matches against Major League  Soccer teams who are in their pre-season.

The squad statistics are as follows:18 players 

  • Eight (8) players from our 2021 Gold Cup Squad 
  • Average age of squad-23 years old 
  • Six (6) players 20 years or younger 
  • Four (4) players selected based on their performances at the recent U20  Concacaf Championships 
  • Geographical squad breakdown = 44% Grenada based / 50% North American  based 
  • Four (4) Grenada club teams represented in squad selection
SMNT January Camp Final Squad List – 18 players
Name  Age  Position  Club
1. Jason Belfon  31  GK  Paradise FC
2. Jeremy Richardson  23  GK  Paradise FC
3. Benjamin Ettienne  18  Def / Wide Att  Charleston Battery FC USL
4. Kwesi Paul  27  Def  MOBA FC Georgia
5. Josh Gabriel  22  Def / Wide Att  Alderson Broadus Univ
6. Lamoud Ogiste  17  Def  Sunsetters FC
7. Alex McQueen  26  Mid  Indy 11 USL
8. Kwazim Theodore  26  Mid  Dunstable Town FC
9. Steffon Abraham  22  Mid  Paradise FC
10. Shavon John Brown  26  Mid / Att  Unattached (Soon to be USL TBA)
11. Leon Braveboy  23  Mid / Att  University of Maine Fort Kent
12. Romar Frank  25  Wide Att  FC Camerhogne
13. Kharlton Belmar  29  Att  Colorado Switchbacks FC USL
14. Keishean Francois  18  Wide Att  Vancouver Whitecaps FC
15. Brady Charles  21  Mid / Def  University of Maine Fort Kent
16. Yohann Alexander  18  Def  QPR GR
17. Christian James  20  Def / Mid  FC Camerhogne
18. Kevon Maitland  20  Att / Wide  University of Maine Fort Kent

Senior Men’s Head Coach Michael Findlay said, “The January camp is an integral  part of our overall 2022 senior men’s national team plan and strategy to provide  multiple competitive opportunities and experiences for our players, whether they are  located domestically, in North America or in the United Kingdom.” 

He further stated, “It was always the goal to be active within all the FIFA windows  in 2022 following our 2021 Gold Cup participation and the recent U20 pre qualifying  tournament in the Dominican Republic. It’s critical within Concacaf not to be  dormant within these windows if you have aspirations to improve your ranking  within the region.” 

The 2022 Competition windows are June and September for the Concacaf Nations  League. Grenada will compete in League A in the Concacaf Nations League along  with the USA, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras,  Jamaica, Suriname, Martinique and Curacao.