GFA Executive Committee Complete Concacaf Mentorship Program 

PR –  Members of the Grenada Football Association Executive say  they feel more empowered to make improvements to the governance and administration of  football. This follows the Executive Mentorship Program facilitated by Concacaf at the Radisson  Grenada Beach Resort on October 8 and 9. 

The Confederation commenced the program in 2019 aimed at promoting effective leadership,  good governance and making the right decisions to grow football across the 41 member states  of Concacaf.The two-day workshop was facilitated by Head of One Concacaf and Caribbean  Projects Howard Mcintosh, General Secretary of the Bermuda Football Association and Concacaf  Instructor David Sabir and Caribbean Director of Member Associations’ Affairs, Horace Reid. 

Among the topics covered were the roles and functions of the Executive Committee, roles of the  General Secretary and the framework of Concacaf and the GFA as well as best practices, effective  communication, strategic planning and handling crises. 

The workshop opened with a prerecorded message from Concacaf President Victor Montagliani  followed by opening remarks from GFA President Marlon Glean who reminded his fellow  members that they were chosen to serve. He said, “ If we are not here to serve, we are in the  wrong business. We are in the business of developing and helping young people to reach their  potential through football. We must understand and accept our roles as servants of the people  who put us here.” 

After the workshop, Executive members shared that they felt more confident in improving the  administration of football. GFA Director for Carriacou and Petite Martinique Duane Williams said,  “I have a better understanding of our role and how we interact with the General Secretary and  other members of staff at the Secretariat as it relates to pushing forward the development of  football,” while second Vice President Randy Campbell said, “ It was refreshing to re-examine our 

roles as directors in the development of football and I would like to see this information filter  down to our clubs.” 

Concacaf has underlined the importance of expanding skills and competence levels of the game’s  administrators, a move which is projected to contribute greatly to the benefit of wider  governance goals in the confederation.