General Public Is Advised To Increase Vigilance Due To Recent Shark Sighting

PR – The Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Fisheries and Co-operatives once again advises the general public, visitors  and fisher folk to exercise extreme caution when venturing out to sea. 

Please be advised that an aggressive shark was sighted and caught within the  marine environment of Dr. Grooms Beach in St. George on February 16, 2021. 

The shark, which appears to be twelve (12) feet long, has been identified by a marine  biologist to be that of the Mako shark species. 

The shark appears to have beached itself for unknown reasons; however, there have  been similar occurrences observed with these oceanic shark species in neighboring  islands of St. Kitts and Nevis and Dominica in recent months.  

The General public is advised to exercise the following: 

  • Do not panic; 
  • Be vigilant while bathing on beaches and exit the water immediately if a shark is seen in the water; 
  • Refrain from catching or removing from the water, any shark that is beached; and, 
  • Refrain from consuming the meat from a beached shark as the reason for beaching is unknown.

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and the Arts, Fisheries and Co-operatives, urges all  seafarers and the general public to note well the points listed above and report any  sightings of sharks to the Fisheries Division via telephone 440-3814 and the Coast  Guard at 444-1931/1932.