GAA Celebrates International Day Of The Air Traffic Controller

PR – On October 20, 2023, we celebrate the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller (ATC). This profession plays a critical role in aviation safety. They monitor, coordinate, and direct the movement of aircraft within the airspace and on the ground to ensure safety and maintain safe distances between aircraft to prevent collision.  

In Grenada, Air Traffic Controllers direct  aircraft movement within our airspace, which extends from the surface up to 13,500 feet, covering an area of 38 nautical miles to the north, 30 nautical miles to the west and south, and 81 nautical  miles to the east.  

Air Traffic Controllers are guided by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)  standards. Therefore, regardless of where they are going or coming from, pilots and Air  Traffic Controllers worldwide communicate using the same language. 

The Grenada Airports Authority (GAA) has a complement of dedicated Air Traffic  Controllers providing reliable services at our airport facilities. Globally, it is predicted that  an average of 2,000 newly trained ATCs per year will be required to keep the smooth  flow of Air Traffic Control until 2032. In coordination with the Ministry of Civil Aviation,  the GAA will launch a recruitment drive to attract young local talents to join this  important aviation field.  

Today, on the International Day of the Air Traffic Controller, the Grenada Airports  Authority and the Grenada Air Traffic Controllers Association (GATCA) would like to  raise awareness and express appreciation for the hardworking men and women who  work behind the scenes to ensure the safety of our skies and air travel. 

We extend our gratitude and wish a Happy International Day to our Air Traffic  Controllers and their colleagues worldwide for their work to make our air travel safe.