Former Prime Minister And Now Opposition Leader Concerned About Security Workers Being Put On The Breadline With Arbitrary Termination Of Government Contracts

PR – The former Prime Minister and now Leader of His Majesty’s Opposition, Dr. the  Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell is deeply concerned about the termination of security  contracts with private contractors. 

In the months following its election victory, the Dickon Mitchell led administration  proceeded to issue termination letters to all companies engaged in the provision  of security services at Government buildings, schools and other public facilities. 

To date, several contracts have been terminated. Some contractors have been  employed for more than a decade and providing excellent service. 

What is even more concerning to the Opposition Leader is the number of ordinary  Grenadian who are now placed on the breadline in a time when the cost of living  has increased making it more difficult for families to purchase basic food items. 

Dr. Mitchell said, “I think it’s grossly unfair that all Government security contracts  were terminated. In fact, this action contradicts the promises made by the  National Democratic Congress during the election campaign. Assurances that no  one will lose their jobs and contract workers will be made permanent were clearly  not genuine promises to the Grenadian people but a ploy to win their support. 

Without a legitimate reason for this spate of contract terminations, I am calling on  the administration to stop hurting ordinary Grenadians because of perceived  political preferences. It is clear that these actions are politically motivated because what we have seen is that many security contracts have been issued to  people who have been perceived to be friends of the ruling party.” 

The Leader of His Majesty’s Opposition admonishes the government to rethink its  decision and protect the jobs of our citizens. He continued by saying, “the  removal of the security contracts are painful but what is even more disconcerting  is the pain and suffering that hundreds of Grenadians are experiencing as a result  of this heartless decision of the government. We have had two NDC governments in the past but they have not introduced measures that are hurting Grenadians as  this Dickon Mitchell led administration.”