Former Fisheries Officer Retained As Technical Specialist In The Division Of Fisheries 

PR – Former Chief Fisheries  Officer Justin Rennie was hired by the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands,  Fisheries and Co-operatives, as Technical Specialist with responsibility for  Fisheries, Marine Resources and the Blue Economy. 

This appointment comes as the Ministry moves towards improving the overall  management and functioning of the Fisheries Division, and to commence the  development and implementation of the transformational goals pertaining to  marine resources and the blue economy. 

Mr. Rennie has over forty years’ experience working in the fisheries sector. He  holds a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Economics and minor in Management  from Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada. He has attended numerous  training programmes and holds Certificates in areas such as: Value Chain  Approach in Caribbean Fisheries, Ocean Governance and Blue Growth, Fisheries  Law and Management, Project Cycle Management, Fishery Development and  Management and Planning and Managing Fishing Ports and Markets  

He has also attended several regional and international seminars, workshops, and  conferences focusing on Fisheries Management and Development, Fisheries Data  Management, Fisheries Extension Methodology and Human Resource  Management and Development. 

Mr. Rennie’s contractual appointment commenced on 8th November 2022 and will  continue for a period of two years during which time he would provide advisory  services to the Minister, spearhead the re-organisation and upgrade of the Fisheries  Division, the review, development, and implementation of policies pertaining to 

the fisheries sector, the mainstreaming of marine resources and the blue economy  into the Division, as well as undertake some of the functions normally done by the  Chief Fisheries Officer. The post of Chief Fisheries Officer and other senior  positions in the Division of Fisheries are currently vacant and there is a severe lack  of capacity within that Division. 

The Government of Grenada is committed to providing leadership to a fully  functional, adequately staffed, policy oriented and customer focused fisheries  division and the transformation of the agriculture and fishing sectors as it seeks to  ensure food and nutrition security for all.  

Ministry of Agriculture and Land, Fisheries and Cooperatives…ensuring food  and nutrition security.