Flexible Hurricane Protection (FHP) Launched In Grenada

PR – Corp-EFF Insurance announced the launch of the renown Flexible Hurricane Protection (FHP) in Grenada in collaboration with its credit union partners and the Grenada Cooperative League. 

FHP is a parametric insurance product designed to provide swift and reliable coverage against tropical cyclones, ranging from tropical storms to category 5 hurricanes. With the ability to tailor coverage options to suit individual needs and risk appetites, FHP offers peace of mind to policyholders in the face of unpredictable weather events. 

General Manager of CICL Mr. David Fritz disclosed at the recently held Grenada Cooperative Nutmeg Association area meetings that the FHP” provides a financial buffer in the times of natural disasters and affords the policyholders the comfort of knowing that they will be able to receive predetermined payouts in 15 days from the triggered event occurring, without requiring the presence of insurance adjusters.” He further explained that small farmers and business owners are now able to secure their financial future in the event of a passage of a natural disaster such as a Tropical Storm or a Hurricane.” 

The Business Development Officer Mrs. Hyacinth Durand-Ducreay explained that the company has streamlined the enrollment process to ensure that purchasing FHP is as convenient as possible. She explained that” individuals can buy policies online through the Corp-EFF Insurance website at www.corpeffinsurance.com or with the assistance of the Grenada Cooperative League and pay their premium through the same channels including their Credit union. To assist the community, Corp-EFF Insurance has a dedicated team available at the Grenada Cooperative Societies League’s office, to provide guidance and support to anyone seeking to purchase a policy for the upcoming hurricane season.”. 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Corp-EFF Insurance Mr. Phoenix Belfield said that it is “critically important that we understand the importance of protecting oneself and one’s assets against the potential devastation of hurricanes that is why we are committed to making FHP accessible to all residents of Grenada. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, farmer, or fisherman, FHP offers a simple, efficient, and reliable solution to mitigate the financial risks associated with tropical cyclones.” 

The FHP can be applied for individuals and as an association or group according to the team. Grenadians are encouraged to purchase a policy and safeguard their future today. All enquiries can be channeled through the Grenada Cooperative Societies League or interested persons can call 440-2903 or visit the website at www.corpeffinsurance.com . Premium financing facilities can also be negotiated with our credit union partners in Grenada. 

The Flexible Hurricane Protection (FHP) purchase window closes on May 31st, 2024.