Five Grenadian Students Receive Prestigious Good Neighbour Scholarship 

PR Five Grenadian students who are pursuing higher education at Midwestern State University (MSU) in Wichita Falls, Texas, in the United States, have secured the  prestigious Good Neighbour Scholarship. 

Midwestern State University will be the home of 25 Good Neighbour Scholarship recipients for the 2023-2024  academic year. The Good Neighbour Programme is a tuition assistance programme for students from nations  in the Western Hemisphere that encourages students to pursue and complete their higher education in the state  of Texas. 

Only 10 students in the entire state, from each eligible country, is selected each year. It is a scholarship based  on service, involvement and academics at MSU Texas, which makes it very competitive as many students fit  the criteria.  

Every year MSU Texas receives recipients predominantly from Caribbean countries in the OECS. This year  nine countries represent MSU Texas for the programme. It is remarkable that in the state of Texas, five students from Grenada were recipients of this scholarship out of the 10 allotted spots in the entire state of  Texas. These five students are: 

  • Jesse Greene 
  • Nabrusha Sutherland 
  • Aileen Church 
  • Ethan Bailey 
  • Stejesky McBurnie 

Texas and the Global Education Office are proud of these students for the work that they do to be a recipient  of this scholarship. For more information on the Good Neighbour Programme anyone can visit their website  at 

Source: Kamilah Tobin-Blair: International Recruitment and Retention Specialist, Office of Global Education

Ethan Bailey
Aileen Church
Nabrusha Sutherland
Stejesky McBurnie