Fish ‘With A HUMAN FACE’ Is Spotted Swimming In A Pond At A Village In China

    (DAILY MAIL ONLINE) —  A visitor to a village in southern China has been left stunned after spotting a fish that appears to have a human face.

    Trending footage shows the carp sporting markings that resemble a man’s mouth, nose and eyes on its head.

    A woman who was filming the video was so awestruck by the sight she gushed: ‘The fish has turned into a fairy.’

    The extraordinary animal was discovered yesterday by a visitor in the Miao Village, a tourist destination in the city of Kunming, according to popular blogger Feidian Videos.

    Web users in the country have been amazed by the 15-second clip since it emerged today on Weibo, China’s equivalent to Twitter.

    One person wrote: ‘This is scary.’

    Another queried: ‘Who dares to eat it?’

    Carp have long been known to carry markings which can look like a human face, but actually seeing one is rare.

    Sightings of ‘human-faced carp’ have been reported in Taiwan and the UK.

    In 2010, a 44-year-old British man found out that a carp he had bought five months earlier started to develop facial features like those of a human.

    ‘It was astonishing. I could easily make out from the markings two eyes, a nose and a mouth. I thought I was suffering from sunstroke,’ said the fish’s owner Brendan O’Sullivan of Dagenham, Essex.

    Mr O’Sullivan’s fish was said to be worth an estimated £40,000.

    In 2011, residents in north-eastern Taiwan’s Yilan County were surprised to find a black-and-white carp with seemingly human features in a pond run by the local government.