Explanation Of Impending Weather

PR – A frontal system (low- pressure system is currently located off the east coast of North America and is forecast to move towards the southeast directly impacting Florida , Bahamas and the Greater Antilles from Wednesday night and continuing through the weekend.
As this system moves closer to the Atlantic high-pressure system, the rate of change in the pressure field will increase, causing stronger winds, since winds flow from areas of high pressure into the areas of low pressure. Weather models have predicted more significant weather (gale-force winds, heavy rainfall, and very hazardous seas) for particularly the Bahamas, Florida, and the Greater Antilles and northernmost Leeward islands beginning Wednesday night.
Over the weekend (esp on Sunday), some models predict above-average winds which may correspondingly trigger moderate to rough seas across Grenada. A marine advisory has been issued for Grenada and its Dependencies for Friday at this time. NO STORM FORCE WINDS HAVE BEEN PREDICTED FOR GRENADA AND ITS DEPENDENCIES.