Establishment Of The Commission On Cannabis Legalisation And Regulation  

PR – In keeping with the transformative policy of the government to legalise cannabis within a legal and regulatory framework, develop  the cannabis industry, and maximise the potential of hemp and its by-products, the Government  has established a Commission on Cannabis Legalisation and Regulation. 

The Commission is mandated to: 

Hold broad based consultations and engage in public awareness on the policy decision to  legalise cannabis within a legal and regulatory framework, to develop cannabis industries  and to maximize the potential of hemp and its by-product.  

Prepare a final report with advice on the design of a new legislative and regulatory  framework to legalise cannabis within a legal and regulatory framework for its production  and sale; Develop the cannabis industry for medicinal benefits; and to maximise the  potential of hemp and its by-products for export.  

Provide recommendations on the institutional structure for the implementation of the  provisions of the legislation to legalise cannabis within a legal and regulatory framework  in keeping with the policy decision of the Government. 

Former Senator Rolanda McQueen has been appointed Chairman of the Commission which  comprises members with expertise in law, medicine, religion, business, youth development, and  service providers in non-government organizations. The other members of the Commission are: Mr. Vincent Roberts 

Mr. Kennedy Roberts 

Mr. Anslem Clouden Representing the Ministry of Legal Affairs 

Ms. Janis Lessey  

Ms. Alison Haynes – Ag. Chief Agronomist  

A representative of the ministry of health/ medical council  

A representative of the Rastafarian religious community  

Mr. Irwin Henry – Chief Analytical Chemist Produce Chemist Laboratory Superintendent Vannie Curwen representing the Royal Grenada Police Force  Community representatives from Civil Society Organizations and the Grenada 

Conference of Churches 

The Minister and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands, Forestry,  Fisheries and Co-operative are ex-officio members of the Commission.  

The Commission held its first meeting on 20th September 2022 and is expected to complete its  assignment over a period of fourteen months. 

The establishment of the Commission on Cannabis Legalisation and Regulation is another of the  steps taken by the Government towards the realization of the transformative agenda within the  agriculture sector.  

Additionally, on Friday, 16th September 2022, the Minister for Agriculture convened and held a  successful meeting with the recently formed Innovative and Transformational Agriculture Policy  Committee (ITAPC). This consultative committee is to supplement the skills, knowledge and  experience that are currently deficient in the Ministry of Agriculture at this time due to the high  number of vacant technical position. The members of the Committee are:  

Senator Adrian Thomas 

Mr. Aaron Francois 

Mrs. Gemma Bain-Thomas 

Mr. Cecil Winsborrow 

Mr. Ronald O’Neale 

Dr. Tessa Barry 

Mr. Justin Rennie 

Mr. Orlando Romain 

Mr. Garvyn Pierre 

Ms. Kizzy Rennie 

Mr. Brendon LaTouché 

Mr. Daniel Lewis 

Mr. Leonard St. Bernard  

The Ministry is working assiduously to recruit and bring on board at least four technical  specialists who would complement the existing staff in the areas of i. agriculture; ii. Fisheries,  marine resources, and the blue economy; iii. Agro-processing and agri-business; and iv. land  management.  

Government is committed to the implementation of its transformative agenda and the realization of its transformative goals within the agriculture sector and the country.