Equipment Seized From Victoria Businessman

PR – Police in Victoria arrested and charged a businessman in that community for Playing of Amplified Music without Permission from the Commissioner of Police, Hosting an unlawful gathering, Failing to Remain Confined to a Place of Residence and Selling Intoxicating Liquor without Licence. Charged with these offences are Derrie George alias ‘Shy’, a 46 year old Entrepreneur of Diamond Street, Victoria, St. Mark.

These charges stemmed from several breaches, where warnings and notices were issued in accordance with the Noise Pollution Act, the Liquor Licence Act and Public Health Regulations. Notwithstanding this, the owner continuously committed acts contrary to the law.

In accordance with the Noise Pollution Act, musical instruments inclusive of a Turn Table, JB System Equalizer, among others were seized, pending the conclusion of the court hearing.