Empowering Women And Girls Against Violence: Speak And Listen Project Successfully Concludes In Grenville, St. Andrew

PR – The Deluxe Cinema in Grenville, St. Andrew, was the venue for the conclusion of the impactful Speak and Listen: Empowering Women and Girls Against Violence project on December 28, 2023.

The Speak and Listen project, a collaborative initiative between the HEON Project and the Writers Association of Grenada, was established with the dedicated purpose of empowering women and girls against violence. It provided a creative platform for participants to share their voices and stories, utilizing art pieces and poetry as powerful tools for advocacy.

Funded by UNWomen through the Grenada Spotlight initiative to End Violence Against Women and Girls, the Speak and Listen project conducted two workshops where more than 50 participants crafted art pieces and poetry to raise awareness and advocate against violence directed at women and girls.

Yesterday’s ceremony marked the celebration of the participants’ remarkable work. Each contributor was honored with a certificate of recognition, symbolizing their dedication to fostering change. Additionally, they received a book encapsulating their diverse art pieces, a tangible testament to the strength of their collective voices.

In the upcoming weeks, official copies of this inspiring book will be presented to key figures, including the Minister of Social Development and Gender Affairs. This gesture is a deliberate effort to position the book as a symbol of resilience and a catalyst for change, with the hope that it will inspire future efforts to end violence against women and girls.