Electricity Customers With Expired Temporary Connections Urged To Regularise Them Urgently

PR – Grenada Electricity Services Ltd. (Grenlec) is urging customers with expired temporary electricity connections to regularise them urgently.

Grenlec reminds customers that the expiration dates on the inspection certificates from the Electrical Inspectorate Unit relate to safety concerns. Consequently, while Grenlec and the Electrical Inspectorate Unit have both made some allowances because of the challenges of COVD-19, expired connections that are not regularised will be disconnected.

Customers have the option of applying to the Electrical Inspectorate Unit for an extension of the temporary connection or for inspection for a permanent connection. For guidance, please refer to Grenlec’s Service Checklist available on the Company’s website or at any Customer Care Centre.

Customer Services Manager at Grenlec, Casandra Slocombe indicated, “As a guideline, the Electrical Inspectorate Unit issues temporary connections for a maximum of one year. Our team is making every effort to reach affected customers directly and through the media. The idea is to give customers an opportunity to address their situation. The Company will move to disconnect expired temporary connections as they do not comply with Electrical Safety Standards.

Grenlec has been issuing letters and contacting customers by telephone. However, the Company encourages customers to contact its Customer Services Team for specific information about the validity of their connections.

Electricity customers with temporary connections are advised to keep a note of the validity period for their connections and apply for extensions or permanent connections before the expiration date.