Electrical Wireman’s Examination 

PR – The general public is hereby  notified that the next Electrical Wireman’s Examination will be held at the T.A Marryshow  Community College, Tanteen St. George’s, at 9 a.m. as follows:  

  • Tuesday 24th, October – Theoretical Examination (Hall of the Department of  Tourism & Hospitality Studies) 
  • Thursday 27th October – Practical Examination (Electrical Laboratory) Friday 28th October -Practical Examination (Electrical Laboratory – if necessary)  

Persons desirous of sitting this exam must register at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development,  Botanical Gardens, and St. George’s or at the Revenue Office, Carriacou no later than Friday  21st October 2022. 

A registration fee of EC$175.00 must be paid at the Treasury Department or Revenue Offices,  including Carriacou.  

Applicants are reminded that they must be at least 21 years old and also to present their  letter of recommendation from a Licensed Electrician / Wireman upon registration. 

Further information can be obtained from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Physical  Development. 

Tel: 4402271 ext. 26017/26018