Dr. Keith Mitchell Statement On Gun Violence In Grenada

PR – Grenadians, Carriacouians and Petite Martiniquans

In moments like these, when the shadow of crime and in particular gun violence stretches across our beautiful Grenada, the call for strong leadership echoes louder than ever. It’s a call that demands more than just attention—it requires action, empathy, and a steadfast commitment to the values that bind us as a community and a nation.

In the gentlest of terms, the silence from our current leaders in the face of a growing wave of violence is both noticeable and a bit worrying. The distressing events that have unfolded in our communities serve as a reminder of the crucial need for thoughtful, proactive leadership. This situation is bigger than merely addressing the influx of illegal firearms; it touches on a deeper, more profound understanding that at the core of managing the affairs of a country lies the important duty to safeguard its people.

Our approach should be rooted in the understanding that security is the bedrock of freedom. By securing our borders more effectively, investing in a robust coast guard, and more screening at our ports we could address the issue of gun importation head-on.

Furthermore, the promotion of police officers based on merit and competence, a policy championed during our time in office, should not be ignored at this time. It should be strengthened, followed and improved where needed. This is not only necessary to boost morale; it’s also about ensuring that our law enforcement is equipped, both in skill and spirit, to face these challenges.

But beyond these measures, we must also turn our attention to the broader picture. Engaging our communities directly in the fight against violence, strengthening our legal frameworks to deter criminal activity, and providing our youth with viable alternatives to violence are critical steps. These are not mere policy points; they are beacons of hope, that can guide us towards a safer, more peaceful Grenada.

The urgency of now demands that we come together, transcending political lines, to forge a future where every Grenadian can live without fear. It also demands strong and decisive leadership at the helm of our National security.

This is our moment to act, to reaffirm our commitment to peace, security, and the enduring values that define us.