DPP Moves To Quash Criminal Proceedings Against Anderson Peters

(CMC) – The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) in Grenada, Christopher Nelson, Monday moved to quash a private criminal matter being filed against Grenada’s sporting icon, Anderson Peters and his brother, Kiddon, once he becomes aware that the matter has been filed before the courts here.

“This means that I will immediately file for a discontinuation of the proceedings. I will bring this to an end without prosecution,” said Nelson, explaining that a private criminal proceeding is a rare approach to seeking criminal justice but is one that is available for citizens to use.

“All it requires is filing the necessary documents with the magistrate court and the police will be required to serve a summons for the date of the hearing,” said Nelson.

Last week, former attorney general, Cajeton Hood, who is representing the Trinidadian crew members of the Barbados-owned Harbour Master vessel, announced plans to file private charges against the world-rated sportsman and his brother.

The captain and three crew members – Noel Cooper, 42, deckhand, John Alexander, 55 and sailors, Mikhail John, 35 and Sheon Jack, 28, had last Monday pleaded guilty to the charges of causing harm and grievous harm to the brothers, including Anderson, who earlier this month won Gold at the World Championship in the United States and a silver medal at the Commonwealth Games in the United Kingdom.

The charges stem from a brawl on board the Harbour Master on August 10 with a video recording posted on social media showing the athlete being thrown into the sea.

The Chief Magistrate fined each of the crew members EC$3,500 (One EC dollar=US$0.37 cents) for causing grievous harm to be paid forthwith or in default jailed for one year.

On the charge of causing harm with violence they were each fined EC$2, 000 also to be paid forthwith or in default, spend six months in jail.

But Hood is alleging that the brothers lied to the police regarding the incident, which took place at the St George’s Port as the Harbour Master crew was wrapping up a party cruise and preparing to embark on another.

Hood is claiming his clients were violated by the brothers leading to the brawl.

Chief Magistrate Teddy St Louis before sentencing the men described the action of the crew as “excessive use of the force” on the brothers that cannot be justified although a request was made for them to leave the vessel.

Hood said that he would also be seeking to have perjury charges against the brothers. However, the DPP argues that the brothers did not give a sworn statement or provided statements under oath.

“This is the foundation for filing a perjury matter,” he said.