Dog Reportedly Contracts Monkeypox From Owners

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(NEW YORK POST) – A dog belonging to a gay French couple has contracted monkeypox after sharing their bed — the first confirmed case of human-to-pet infection, according to reports.

The Parisian men, ages 44 and 27, are believed to have contracted the virus after having sexual contact with other guys during their non-monogamous relationship.

The couple said they then noticed that their Italian greyhound had developed pustules on its stomach.

A PCR test on the animal later confirmed that it had the virus.

The Lancet medical journal said the dog shared a bed with the two men and perhaps licked one or both of them before licking itself.

Both men have suffered from extensive ulcers and rashes since confirming their cases in June.

The dog began showing signs of infection 12 days later.

“The men reported co-sleeping with their dog,” the outlet said. “They had been careful to prevent their dog from contact with other pets or humans from the onset of their own symptoms.”

Officials have urged at-risk or infected parties to quarantine away from their pets to reduce the chance of transmission.

The World Health Organization has called the recent monkeypox outbreak a growing and global emergency.

Almost 100 countries have now reported cases of the virus so far this year, including a dozen fatalities.

The vast majority of infections stem from gay sex, officials said.