District 2’s Belair Government Wins 2023 Mental Arithmetic Quiz 

PR This year’s winner of the Ministry of Education’s  Mental Arithmetic Quiz is District 2, by the Belair Government School. 

The winning district scored 189 points. St. Mary’s Junior School, representing District 5, placed second with 164 points, followed by District 3’s 2022 winner, the St. Andrew’s Methodist School,  which placed third with 154 points. 

The final of the Mental Arithmetic Quiz was sponsored by Hodder Education, and was held at the St.  Andrew’s Methodist School in Grenville. The quiz comprised four rounds, namely the General Mental  Arithmetic, Power, Bonus, and Jeopardy rounds. These rounds test students’ aptitude in many areas  of mathematics, using only their mental ability as a team, under time constraints. 

Six teams represented the various districts, which emerged as overall champions from the preliminary  rounds. They were as follows: 

  • District 1: Our Lady of the Rosary School
  • District 2: Belair Government
  • District 3: St. Andrew’s Methodist School
  • District 4: St. Theresa’s R.C. School
  • District 5: St. Mary’s Junior School
  • District 6: Grand Roy Government School

Lydon Richardson, mathematics curriculum officer at the Ministry of Education, is pleased with the  performance of the students, regarding the skill and speed with which they answered challenging  questions and the low error count on the part of some. 

The Mental Arithmetic Quiz is held annually, promoting the use of mental arithmetic, while working  towards the goal of realising improved outcomes in the field of mathematics