Diddy Fallout: 2024 Grammys ‘Evaluating’ Rap Mogul’s Invitation

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – Diddy’s Grammy Awards invitation is being scrutinized and possibly “re-evaluated” following calls to boycott the Bad Boy Records founder amidst a slew of sexual abuse claims against him.

The fallout that has ensued from this latest high-profile #MeToo case has been one of epic proportions. Music mogul Diddy was slapped with a life-changing lawsuit by his ex-girlfriend and former Bad Boy Records artist Casandra “Cassie” Ventura on Thursday, November 16. While the settlement was hasty, it was not fast enough to avoid the inevitable cries from the legion of other women who would be empowered to make similar allegations against Diddy. Fast forward to today, and three additional women have come forward to accuse Diddy of a plethora of heinous acts, including rape, drugging, sex trafficking, and more.

Things really started to take a turn for the music mogul professionally when he stepped down as the chairman of Revolt – a music network that he co-founded in 2013. Since then, several companies have cut ties with Diddy out of sheer concern for the allegations being brought against him. His digital marketplace for Black-owned businesses, Empower Global, which was founded in 2021, has had 18 different companies part ways in the wake of the string of sexual abuse claims, according to Rolling Stone.

Now, it appears things are continuing to unravel for Diddy as the Recording Academy is reportedly rethinking his invitation to the 66th Annual Ceremony slated for February 4, 2024. In a statement obtained by Radar Online, Grammy creators shared that they are taking their time with the final decision. “We are taking this matter very seriously, and we are in the process of evaluating it with the time and care that it deserves,” they said.

Advocacy group UltraViolet has urged them to rescind the nomination and ban the Bad Boy Records leader from the upcoming award ceremony. In a recent statement, the group’s director, Elisa Batista, vehemently denounced Diddy’s alleged “abusive and inexcusable behavior.”

“We are deeply disturbed and concerned by the recent allegations of sexual abuse, sex trafficking of a minor, and domestic violence made against Sean’ Diddy’ Combs over the past three weeks,” she said. “The gravity of the allegations against Combs underscore the ongoing need for accountability — and that the #MeToo movement is relevant and badly needed more than ever.

Batista continued: “Not surprisingly, almost all of Combs’ brands have dropped him for his abusive and inexcusable behavior. But last month, the Grammys awarded Combs with his first-ever nomination as a lead artist in one of the two R&B album categories. We are calling on the Grammys to stop enabling abusers and to immediately rescind Combs’ nomination and invitation. Survivors don’t need to see that.”

“We will always stand with and believe survivors. Full Stop,” she added.

Diddy’s The Love Album: Off The Grid was nominated in the category of Best Progressive R&B Album at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards. More to come in this developing story as we uncover if that nomination and Diddy’s welcome will still stand.