Demolition Drive

PR – The Planning and Development Authority (PDA) is  partnering with stakeholders to undertake a comprehensive demolition drive to remove  illegal structures along the nation’s roadsides. 

The ongoing initiative, which commenced in January 2024, aims to create a safer, and healthier environment by removing structures erected without permits, those in a state of  disrepair, those occupying crown land without proper authorisation, and those obstructing  public roads. 

Unauthorised vending, roadside garages, and other illegal structures, as well as the illegal  storage of vehicle debris pose significant negative impacts on the environment and  Grenada’s overall infrastructure. 

These structures not only compromise public safety, but also contribute to visual clutter  and the degradation of public spaces. The Authority is also concerned that the erection  of unauthorised structures and illegally stored material can become projectiles during  adverse weather conditions. 

Key objectives of the demolition drive include: 

Public Safety: Removal of structures that pose public health and safety risks. ❖ Urban Aesthetics: Enhancing the visual appeal of the country by removing  unsightly and unauthorised structures. 

Compliance with Regulations: Enforcing zoning and licensing regulations to  ensure that businesses operate within the confines of the law. 

Infrastructure Optimisation: Improving the flow of traffic and accessibility by  removing structures obstructing public roads and sidewalks. 

The Planning and Development Authority therefore urges all affected vendors and  property owners to co-operate and adhere to planning regulations. 

People who vend in, or who occupy illegal structures are further advised to secure  personal belongings and have the structures removed ahead of the planned PDA  demolition operation. 

The demolition drive is not intended to target legitimate businesses, but rather to create  a safer and organised landscape development. 

For inquiries related to the demolition drive, affected parties are encouraged to contact  the PDA for guidance on Tel: 1 (473) 440-2471/4635 or alternatively visit the Authority,  to speak with a Planning Officer. 

The PDA remains dedicated to fostering a vibrant, safe, and well-maintained  environment, for citizens and visitors.