Death Toll From Heavy Rains In Brazil Jumps To 23

(AP) — Heavy rains in Brazil this weekend have killed at least 23 people between the southeastern states of Rio de Janeiro and Espirito Santo.

Espirito Santos’ state government said on Sunday that 15 people died and almost 5,000 are out of their homes due to heavy rains falling since Friday night.

Rio authorities reported eight deaths on Saturday.

Thirteen deaths in Espirito Santo were registered in Mimoso do Sul, a countryside city 74 kilometres (46 miles) south of state capital Vitoria.

Rescue teams in both states had to stop their work Friday night because of risks of new landslides, with efforts restarting Saturday afternoon.

Mayors and governors of Brazil’s Southeast region have alarmed residents of potential problems for the weekend since Thursday.

A government warning for heavy rains in Espirito Santo state is valid until midnight local time.