D’Angel Calls Beenie Man A Deadbeat Dad, Responds To Krystal Tomlinson Breakup

(URBAN ISLANDZ) – D’Angel is venting about Beenie Man being a father to their son and also responding to fans accusing her of speaking out now only because the dancehall icon and Krystal Tomlinson have parted ways.

The female dancehall deejay that has a son, Marco Dean, with fellow deejay Beenie Man, earlier in the week posted on Instagram that she is a single mother. However, fans reacted with surprise, and many even criticized her for saying she is a single parent as, from all appearances, her son is being financially supported by his father, Beenie Man.

After dropping her son off at school, she said, “school start again, just did my drop off. Mi tell you as a single parent nothing nuh normal bout it. Long time mi a hold it you know but mi a express myself not only for myself but for millions of women all over the world that’s going through the same fate. Just gwan hol’ the fate ladies and do everything you can for your children because they are the ones who will be thank you [sic] and respect you for the rest of dem life…and dem a the one weh ago come and take care of you and be there for you.”

D’Angel says she has been playing the role of sole parent to her son for a while now.

“Dem man ya nuh ready. Dem nuh even know how a pants or a shirt or a shoes or a socks buy much less school fee pay. First morning a school, big up to all single mothers and big up to all the fathers that take care of dem yute.”

Even though she is insistent that she has been the sole providing parent for her son, D’Angel and Beenie Man have been seen on many occasions over the last year as the pose for public photo shoots and put up a unified co-parenting picture to the world.

She also reacted to fans questioning the timing of her video, claiming she is a single parent as the video was released just around the time that Beenie Man’s relationship with Tomlinson came to an end as the couple made simultaneous announcements on social media.

“how me get dragged in da something ere’, mi not responsible for anybody relationship or relation-boat or what the blood****t is happening. When mi a guh through my situation, me go through that by myself…mi a talk my truth so how unu a say ‘it don’t look good’, me affi talk my truth and stand up as a mother as a blood****t single mother!”

D’Angel has been courting controversy as she in 2020 joined OnlyFans – the online platform that many have joined to sell sexual favors. Many sexy and risqué photos were leaked showing her private parts as well as provocative sexy poses.

However, it seems that while Beenie Man was not disagreeable with her decision to join the platform, he didn’t seem too pleased. In an interview in October last year, Beenie Man said D’Angel, whose real name is Michelle Downer, insisted that she had no other options but to join the platform. “Me and har talk bout it, yuh know…cah mi call har and ask hard at and she ah seh she haffi do this and do that…she neva have to do that, but she did it.”

During the beginning of the pandemic, as economies shut down and many are ordered to stay at home during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, many turned to OnlyFans as their sources of income dried up. Many in informal industries like music and entertainment have no doubt felt the crunch as the virus makes its wave going for almost 11 months now. Many like D’Angel took to OnlyFans to raise funds in exchange for sharing sexual content. It seemed as though D’Angel was raking in the dough as she said she was planning to buy a Porsche thanks to her OnlyFans people.

The “Stress Free” singer, though, has not hinted as to whether Beenie Man is or is not involved in any way in his son’s life. He is yet to address the claims by D”Angel.