CXC Releases Data On CSEC, CAPE Exams

(JAMAICA GLEANER) – The Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) today released data on the performances of students in regional exams administered by the body.

Regarding core Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) subjects, more students received passing grades in English Language than in Mathematics.

Some 74 percent of students who sat English A received grades one to three, while 41 percent of students received a passing grade for math.

Here is a breakdown of performances in other subjects:

English B – 61%
Integrated Science – 66%
Biology – 89%
Chemistry – 63%
Physics – 66%
Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM) – 87%
Human and Social Biology – 68%
Principles of Business – 79%
Information Technology – 89%
Social Studies – 54%
Office Administration – 79%

On the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) side, there were high pass rates in the core subjects of Caribbean Studies and Communication Studies

Some 95 percent of students who sat Caribbean Studies earned grades one to five and 93 percent of students received a passing grade for Communication Studies.

Here’s how students performed in other subjects:

Sociology Unit 1 – 90%
Sociology Unit 2 – 94%
Law Unit 1 – 89%
Law Unit 2 – 86%
Pure Mathematics Unit 1 – 73%
Pure Mathematics Unit 2 – 80%
Chemistry Unit 1 – 92%
Chemistry Unit 2- 95%
Biology Unit 1 – 90%
Biology Unit 2 – 94%

Speaking at the virtual event in Guyana this morning, CXC director of operations, Dr Nicole Manning, noted that the performance of Guyanese students in the regional exams was “marginally higher” when compared to other candidates across the region.

Manning said Guyanese students received a 100% pass in 16 CAPE units.

Meanwhile, Manning disclosed that there was a reduction in candidate and subject entries for CAPE.

CAPE also recorded the highest level of absenteeism in the last four years.

Some 8.3 percent of students did not turn up for exams.

Similarly, there was a high level of absenteeism among CSEC students with 11.23 percent.

Just over 1,200 deferrals for CAPE subject entries were submitted and 15,179 for CSEC.

So far, 4,179 students have registered to sit their exams in January 2022, while 7,720 have opted for June 2022.

CXC is awaiting responses from 3,280 students.

Registration closes on November 5.

CXC results will be released to students tomorrow.