CWI Building Coaching Developers Programme Throughout The Caribbean

(CWI) – Cricket West Indies (CWI) Coaching Development programme continues at pace including the push for a proficient and reliable network of regional Coach Developers throughout the West Indies who are able to consistently support coaches at a local level.

This CWI Coach Developer programme, which has been in progress since early 2021, has seen CWI re-engage existing Coach Developers whilst identifying and training new recruits to be able to successfully and locally deliver CWI accreditation courses and workshops.

The CWI Coach Developer training process has involved a blended approach including online workshops, virtual and physical “shadowing” of recent online and face to face modules. Coach Developers are then offered bespoke support in the lead up to and throughout the face-to-face delivery of courses in their respective region.

Local Coach Developers, Keshava Ramphal and Brendon Ramlal, delivered the latest CWI Level 1 and 2 courses that were recently held in Trinidad alongside CWI Coach Development Manager, Chris Brabazon.

Ramphal had the following to say about his involvement: “We want to ensure that the same approach is being delivered across the Caribbean because, in the past, different countries sometimes used to do different things. Overall we want to empower our coaches to become better teachers of the game.”

Brabazon concluded by highlighting the importance of building a cadre of local Coach Developers.

“Our strategic goal is to make Coach Development more accessible and one of the best ways we can do that is to work alongside knowledgeable cricket people on the ground in each Territory like Keshava and Brendan who are able to deliver CWI accreditation courses and workshops as required, to the highest standard possible. We currently have 18 Coach Developers involved in the programme and the ripple effect that this group will have across the West Indies Cricket Pathway is enormous.”

Jamaica will play host to the next series of face-to-face CWI Coach Development events with courses and workshops to be delivered for local coaches at various levels of the West Indies Cricket Pathway later this year.

For more information on the CWI Coach Development Programme, please visit the website: (CWI)