GPA Proposed: Criteria/Rules For Large festival Season Events

PR – Dear Promoters,  

The landscape of events has changed worldwide, and thus, there are changes which must be  made within the industry to have safe events.  

Please be advised that each promoter must write to the Ministry of Health to seek permission to  have any event. This letter does not grant promoters permission to have an event.  

The following are the list of criteria for event promoters who wish to have an event within the  season. Promoters are reminded to be mindful of the following when planning an event.  

  1. Events should be held in open-air venues as far as practicable. 
  2. A maximum of 200 patrons in open-air or 100 in closed venues will be allowed subject  to rule 9 below. 
  3. All events should be reservations only: no tickets should be sold at the venue or pay at  the door arrangements. 
  4. Events shall run no later than 2:00am on any given day. Live entertainment shall end at  midnight. 
  5. Only ambient music and/or live entertainment will be allowed  
  6. The organizer shall ensure there is sufficient security is present to maintain control of  the activity.  
  7. There should be uniformed police presence to assist with security and crowd control 8. There shall be no common dance floor area: patrons are only allowed to dance with  members in their private group.  
  8. All covid-19 public health protocols and regulations (physical distancing, wearing of  masks and sanitation shall be adhered to.  

Please note, the above pointers are our suggested guidelines, every event is unique (venue, type  & time) , hence each promoter is required to submit their own unique details when requesting  permission.  

We urge every promoter to adhere to the protocol and regulations as we work towards jump  starting and maintaining the entertainment industry in Grenada.  

Best Regards,  

Grenada Promoters Association